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No New Posts   You'll seek that to buy cheap FIFA 15 Coins

August 4, 2015

What happens afterward that on Buy Fifa Coins that bingo online website adeptness be that anyone spends twelve arise 20 years antecedent about annual  affairs authorised and afresh ascertain your blog isn't admired at concerning the acceptable sized amount of banknote one of many arise put. And appropriate  afterwards they jump on an internet site . you'll seek that traveling barefoot can become in fact time-consuming any time you achieve an accomplishment to buy cheap FIFA 15 Coins yield up it afresh possibly appearances in actuality affected not to acknowledgment is not interesting.


And will they might jump on a web site a person are certain to get traveling afterwards shoes makes in general poor when you accept a work for balance accepting fun the  appliance or feel in actuality counterfeit and in many cases most likely are not gratifying. For that reason, it truly is basal to window boutique afore you'll apprehend is  accession bingo blog, and also a great way to use this is afterwards a agnosticism to appointment ratings.You'll find affluence of backyard garden appearance and  architecture arise inside a advance to obtain xbox controllers. You can find abundant webpage who assume to providers adventures extras, hundreds, ambassador like a  admirable amount. There are affluence of moments added an accomplishment switches into to set controllers.fntt32tg



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No New Posts   Purchase RuneScape Gold having a Debit Greeting card

July 28, 2015


runescape gold  is really a popular online gaming featuring the multiplayer story, in which huge numbers of people can entry the server as well as play simultaneously. The game enables you to design your personal character as well as create your personal goals, which allows every participant have their own experience. While you progress with the game, you will need to buy RuneScape precious metal, which may be the method associated with payment within the game. If you are paying having a debit greeting card, use the dealer for example Game Webstore. We can easily see there are lots of webstores promoting runescape precious metal online


Go to the section associated with 200RSGOLD. COM specifically dedicated to the procedure for buying RuneScape precious metal. 2007RSGOLD.COM provides gold as well as money for an array of runescape providers including runescape accounts, runescape powerleveling as well as runescape precious metal, since RuneScape is this type of popular video games. xindu8z.


Choose the quantity of gold you want to buy. You'll observe that the minimum quantity of gold you can purchase is two million, but you may also order as much as 200 million in one order. The greater you purchase, the much more you conserve, and the organization throws within an extra quantity of gold free of charge.

No New Posts   Runescape Great Exchange Basic Secrets

July 28, 2015

cheap rs gold Great Exchange had been introduced within 2007. Other Enormously Multiplayer On the internet Role Performing offers such as Word associated with Warcraft and many more have what we should called public sale houses. The Runescape Great Exchange produced by Jagex, was at first available and possess several distinctive features that people goes through while you continue reading through. Free Globe Trading versus Runescape Great Exchange Before the switch towards the new buying and selling plan, Runescape is often a world associated with free buying and selling. Every player can buy or market gold as well as items readily among on their own. This leads to a large problem with regard to Jagex. xindu8z.


A lot of website sprang up all over the places to market RS precious metal and products legitimate money. And Jagex deal with this really seriously. Therefore, to have the ability to stop this particular from occurring, and a large number of other gamers paying money with additional website instead of Jagex on their own, they change towards the exchange program. This significantly impacted an incredible number of players, as most of them quit, merely many of them cracked the actual code from the Runescape Great Exchange as well as multiply their own wealth within Runescape numerous hundred retracts. Runescape Great Exchange vs Actual life Stock marketplace I like to relate Runescape Great Exchange because almost like the real life stock exchange. And whenever you track the of human being development, our ancestors began as free of charge traders as well, until we've a centralized buying and selling system right now.



If you purchase item The in UNITED STATES, and an additional player offers item The in Sydney, if each your purchase matched, the actual exchange may match the actual order. This works just like trading shares. Thousands associated with adults shed making numerous real money in the stock market each day. On our planet of Runescape, players help to make and generate losses too. And simply because I earn money trading the stock market, therefore this only is sensible for me to create millions associated with gp within Runescape as well. Who You Purchase and sell To? In real life Stock Trade, there isn't any way to understand whom you purchase or market the shares from.


This is applicable exactly for the Runescape Great Exchange. Mentionened above previously, it's the centralize system which all purchases for exchanging are coordinated accordingly. For example, for anyone who has a Purchase offer with regard to item The, the trade will observe that immediately as well as check inside its database for just about any seller who want to sell product A. When the orders tend to be matched, your screen might have the deals are carried out. This is actually how stock trading works as well. Lastly, I must suggest that a lot of Runescape gamers never learn to leverage concerning the exchange to create numerous gp each day. Most typical player shed their gold within the exchange, instead of making cash. After a number of trial associated with losing as well as frustration, they made the decision that trading while using the grand trade doesn't make sure they are make money whatsoever. That's completely false! The key reason I asserted is really because there's a system exactly where I have to work under 5 minutes daily, and I will embark on to making an incredible number of gold while using Runescape Great Exchange.

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No New Posts   Danilo in Real Madrid shirt before FIFA 15 transfer update

July 28, 2015

Off the actual ball, Guy to Guy Battles changes defending within cheap fut 15 coins. Players right now use full-body defending to split up their man in the ball, whilst possession takes up will incentive great protecting, helping defenders keep your ball near to their feet whenever a challenge is created. New make barges, clothing pulling, and large fall physics permit fans to have the battle producing dispossessing competitors more rewarding than ever before. xindu8z.


Please observe that FIFA 15 doesn’t may actually show up within the vault at the moment, however, as possible see through that image, it can be obtained free at this time. Did you choose up FIFA 15 whenever it released? If not really, will a person play this now that it's available free of charge in the actual EA Entry vault? Inform us what you believe below.

No New Posts   Issues & recommendation about MTX

July 13, 2015



As this particular update may be expected to become free offer for a long period, it appears unacceptable whenever hearing it requires spending money on using. Some gamers told they actuallylike makeup, but can't accept a lot things function behind paywall, encounter outfits,cheap rs gold  protean products, spring cleansers,... those ought to be free and open to everyone. Items that gives a benefit should end up being earned, not really bought.xindu8z.


To cope with the debate about MTX, some recommendations are stated as subsequent:

1. MTX improvements only occur either almost every other week, or exactly the same frequency because quality online game updates (not really patch days). This means no more than 3 MTX updates per month can end up being accepted.

two. Pay in order to Win content ought to be stopped, nerfed seriously, or made readily available in online game permanently. Additionally, Pay in order to Win content shouldn't be overpowered if everyone obtained this. Simply stated, nerf this or take it off.

3. Make sure they are transparent to ensure that players can easily see and easily contact Jmod group about these types of issues.

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No New Posts   FIFA 15 Greatest Team from five brand new features

July 13, 2015


buy fut 15 account  Greatest Team adds the next new functions: preview various league Group planning, nationality, the actual club's gamers have various chemical response between mixture, which makes whenever we establish FUT Group very head ache, so all of us often have to use third-party resources to simulate the first want to create a Group, but this pretty hard to use.

Different category, nationality, the actual club's gamers have various chemical response between mixture, which can make us created in FUT group has a few difficulties that people often have to use third-party resources to advance time of "simulation" to create a group, but this pretty hard to use. And EA brand new Concept Squads which players may directly for planning for a squad within the game, through the actual function in order to intuitively understand the combination between your different gamers will produce what type of chemical response.xindu8z.

Often a person for the actual Friendly along with friends ought to be very acquainted with Friendly Months pattern, so players may use their personal FUT team 1 vs1 designated with buddies. Players upon loan mode ought to be FUT this season inside probably the most important improvements, players upon loan inside a certain quantity of some best players for example omar, franck ribery or even lai wan in order to strengthen the actual squad.

Pace, shooting, moving, dribbling, protective, and header is among the six qualities of FIFA FUT fourteen, 15 as well as FIFA may head replacement the "body" feature become FUT 6th largest qualities inside. Linked to the attribute from the attribute offers the strength, health and fitness, bounce, this attribute is going to be extremely essential, he will end up your chosen player and an essential reference catalog. Though the actual header is an essential attribute, but EA SPORTS ACTIVITIES obviously believe physical qualities is much more important along the way.

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No New Posts   But clever designers assist Neverwinter gold

March 3, 2015

I Am Slayer, one of several Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter,There are numerous important foundry missions in Neverwinter, at least one is termed My business is slayer. In this article, we would say something about I'm slayer.Even as discovered with the previous Foundry article, the toolset is included with some limitations - we can not duplicate the boss fight mechanic, we not able to add merchants to your modules, etc. But clever designers assist and/or around these limitations , making clever using simpler mechanics to aid weave interesting stories and challenging content.Among the Neverwinter gold better these adventures get featured, which enables it to be be complete daily missions for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. Visit Rhix, the kobold merchant with the DD corner in the Seven Suns Market in Protector's Enclave, to receive the Daily Foundry mission, then hit up the job board down the street. Eligible missions possess a green note from the quest description; missions without this note is not going to advance the quest , nor count on the daily mission.But don't be concerned; there are loads to pick from. Below are a few top-rated favorites worth looking over ahff45sg.

My business is slayer, "It begins as yet another day inside Blacklake district when circumstances careen uncontrolled! By the point manufactured ends, you may be etched into Blacklake legend and renowned as being the Slayer!" I'd been initially attracted to this with the name - I'm a big Slayer fan, and was saddened by the untimely passing of Jeff Hanneman. But this adventure isn't concerning the greatest metal band ever. It's about a bad trip from funky volcanic sludge fumes, resulting in a wonky twist right at the end. Decreasing the flying ship is probably one of the best part. This quest just isn't entitled to the Daily Foundry mission, but it is worth looking at all anyway.If you need to finish this quest easier, you should equip your character with better armors. Getting better armor, you possibly can buy astral diamonds to exchange.

No New Posts   Public Investigation of Technology

April 17, 2014



Public investigation about Network and IT will be started soon.

The ITCom Consultancy of Security and Privacy was decided to make Public Investigation upon the Network and IT. This Public Investigation is to make consumers know what "The Best Choice" of IT things.

The Consultancy of Security and Privacy will collect the information about the "fails" of Malaysia network & IT from Bloggers, Vloggers, Forum, Reporters, others Social Network and others medium of Books, Magazines etc.


Why Investigate?

Consumers must know that they have the true services from their providers. Make consumers being noticed! Don't let yourself get lied by your Network & IT Providers.


Hint Please?

The Consultancy of Security & Privacy now collecting data about YES 4G, Malaysian Vulnerable Website, Network Exploitation, Spammers, Google Award, etc.


Stay Tuned! The first report will be come out!


-- Edited by Call me if you in trouble on Friday 18th of April 2014 03:15:44 AM

No New Posts   Blog Blocking Casses

April 16, 2014


Dear Mr. /Mrs.



Attention! We are kindly asked for your help to blocking a blog site. The blog is


The owner had been loss her Email ID and Password. The blog should be block because the pages was filled up with Privacy and Crude content.


How to block?

1. Go to this page

2. Click “Hate speech, violent or crude content”.

3. Paste this link to the box:, then click “Submit” button.


Thank for your help.


#8r4y H4t H4k3r5

No New Posts   Blocking Facebook Loss PAsssword

April 15, 2014


If you re an Admin o a group or page, please copy the word below and paste to you group or pages. Thank you!


Dear Mr. /Mrs.



Attention! We are kindly asked for your help to blocking someone Profile. The Profile is



The original user had been loss her password. And now the user had made another new account is Assmira Zolkifli.


How to block?

(For who are FRIENDS with the original user: Assmira Zolkifli):

1. Go to this user page: (Yudie Rudy) Http://

2. Click the “Gear” Button (Setting), and then click Report/Block.

3. Tick to the “Submit a report”. Then tick to “Report Yudie’s Account”.

4. Tick to “This timeline is pretending to be me or someone I know”.

5. Then tick to “Pretending to be someone I know”, then put yours friend name: Assmira Zolkifli

6. Lastly, click to submit report and block her.


(For who are NOT FRIENDS with the original user: Assmira Zolkifli):

1. Go to this user page: (Yudie Rudy) Http://

2. Click the “Gear” Button (Setting), and then click Report/Block.

3. Tick to the “Submit a report”. Then tick to “Report Yudie’s Account”.

4. Tick to “This timeline is full of inappropriate content”. Then tick to “Sexual”.

5. Click Submit Report and block her.



Thank for your help.


#8r4y H4t H4k3r5

No New Posts   New ITCom Consultancy Of Social Security & Privacy

April 14, 2014


This Consultants are as a medium or center to make reports or ask for help to assist in the use of social network problems . This Consultant is not a special department for hacking other users but as a counseling center . In addition, we will also conduct Petnetrating Tesing ( Pentest ) on webs sites worldwide and will report to the webs site owners about the safety of non- safety systems such webs .

Having trouble?
We can only help you as far as we can. We shared crews and the IT / Hacker others will attempt an analysis of your problem and we will try to provide a solution .

Initial procedure :
1 . Information Gathering .
Information / reports from the users .
Interrogation started.

2 . Analysis problems
Is the problem involving personal ? Family ? Friends ? Working / Learning ? Couple ?

3 . Desk will be open discussion .

Private discussion between us with the IT / Hacker .

4 . The Agreement .
Consent from the user to perform a number of procedures .

5 . Solution .


Problems Accepted:

Fake Facebook

Loss Email Password

Social Engineering

Personal Imperession

Penetrating Testing

IT Problems


Computer Spare Parts (Malaysia Only)


How to Apply?

Visit us on Facebook ->

Email to ->



#This Consultant is under Herry Intelligent Technology® 's Company.

#8r4y H4t H4ck3r5

No New Posts   (SOCIAL ENGINEERING - MY) - Psiko rakan kerja

February 4, 2014

Buku ini menerangkan sebahagian kecil daripada subjek Kejuruteraan Sosial (Social Engineering) bagi bidang Godam (Hacking). Buku ini bukanlah asas SE, tetapi hanya pengetahuan am. Sebagai simulasi, situasi temat kerja dipilih bagi membantu penerangan.


No New Posts   Hack The Book Mini Released In PowerPoint!

February 3, 2014

-- Edited by Call me if you in trouble on Tuesday 4th of February 2014 02:04:09 AM

No New Posts   Google Public Contest: Pwnium Contest

January 31, 2014

Google Announces $2.7 million Reward for Hacking Chrome OS at Pwnium Contest


Pwniium is the annual Hacking competition whare Google invites coders from around the world to find security holes in Google Chrome.

Google has announced its 4th Pwnium Hacking Contest Hosted at the Canadian Security conference in March, offering more than$2..7 million in potential rewards for hacking Chrome OS - Running ARM and Intel Chromebook.

The attack must be demonstrated against one of these devices running "then-current" stable version of Chrome OS.

Amongst the payouts are $100,000 for the browser or system-level compromise in guest mode or as a logged-in user, delivered via a web page.

Google will allso pay USD 150,000 for providing an exploit, able to persistently compromise an HP or Acer Chromebook, i.e. Hacking the device to retain control even after a rebbot.

Google further revealed that it will be giving out bonuses to all those who come up with an impressive exploit memory corruption in the 64-bit browser process or exploiting the kernel directly from a renderer process. The full exploit must be given to Google with explanations for all individual bugs used.

"To register, email Registeration will close at 5.00 p.m. PST Monday, March 10th, 2014. Only exploits demonstrated on time in this specifically-arranged window will be elegible for a reward."


Notes from ITC:

Take your time to understand the code. Then you will know your enemy.

-- Edited by Call me if you in trouble on Saturday 1st of February 2014 12:16:17 AM

-- Edited by Call me if you in trouble on Saturday 1st of February 2014 12:26:01 AM

No New Posts   Yahoo Mail Hacked: Please Change Your Yahoo Password Immediately.

January 31, 2014

The world's second largest email service provider Hacked! The company announced today: "We identified a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts", user's email and password was stolen and had been accessed by multiple accounts.

Yahoo not show how many IDs had been stolen, neither they are not sure about the source of leaked.

"We have no evidence that they were obtained directly from Yahoo's system. Our ongoing investigation shows that malicious computer software used the list of usernames and passwords to access Yahoo Mail account. The information sought in the attack seems to be names and email addresses from the affected accounts most recent sent email".




Beware, your safety is our matters. We are advice to you to change your password immediately. Every updated information about this, we will give you notice!

Any problems, please refer to our crew. Please, give us feedback to our forum and our Facebook Pages.



-- Edited by Call me if you in trouble on Friday 31st of January 2014 11:50:30 PM

No New Posts   Our Network Radio ~ LepakChat.FM

June 21, 2012

LepakChat.FM Banner


Yeah, it seems like an old-skool one for ya.. Btw, it was just making new structure of our IT community. Making Friends not Enemy, right?

Plus, for the beginner of HTML world, it will be some sort of learning on "how to embed" kinda /listen.pls thing huh... Right click > Inspect Element. It'll be yours too!

Other than that, the radio also will be served right from our upcoming a very-small-little server haha!

And, for ya, just enjoy the radio! 

uhh.. before i forgot. This Radio are from Malaysia. For those who just so-called "NUSANTARA" people. Come and have a bit kickin'! And for those who dont-even-any understood the language,you're also welcomed to LEARN and SHARE!


-- Edited by admin on Friday 22nd of June 2012 03:59:16 AM

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No New Posts   Facebook Group Murtad in malaysia and singapore Down by Malaysia Hackers! - TAHNIAH!

February 18, 2012

Facebook Group Murtad in malaysia and singapore Down by Malaysia Hackers!


Assalamualaiikum dan salam 1 malaysia..

Dilaman webs metro harian kecoh mengenai facebook group murtad in malaysia and singapore
( klik disini untuk berita dari metro harian)
selain dari metro, diradio juga bercerita mengenai isu yang yang melampau dan terlalu biadap itu menimbulkan perlbagai isu negatif terutama perkara perkara yang berkaitan mengenai islam.

Terutama sekali  pihak mydefacer bersyukur kepada allah swt kerana itu juga salah satu bukti kekuasaan allah.Kita sebagai umat manusia hanyalah sebagai asbab sahaja.

Walaupun terdapat pelbagai percanggahan mengenai hacker,now mereka telah membuktikan bukan semua yang bergelar hackers itu semestinya bersifat perosak,kadang kala perlu jugak bersifat perosak untuk membinasakan group2, atau site - site seperti ini..

Pihak mydefacer di pm oleh Tok imam untuk menyeru ramai hackers-hackers untuk men-downkan group kurang hajar itu.Alhamdulillah.. dengan berkat kerjasama hackers-hackers malaysia.. akhirnya group biadap itu berjaya didownkan..

Tidak lupa kepada yang membantu menjayakan misi ini walaupun terdapat sedikit perselisihan salah faham diantara hackers-hackers malaysia..
Credit kepada Tok imam, Macho aie, Dragon Force, Rilekscrew,Cat devilcode,Newbievilc0d3s,T3dimension, Phantom crews,Black Ops, cyber army,group kaki like, All Malaysia and muslim hackers, All malaysia repoter dan tidak lupa kepada team ,Myblog group blogger dan semua yang berusaha bersama-sama.. terima kasih.

screenshot group down:
link gorup murtad
jika anda berminat dengan artikel disini atau ingin menjadi sebahagian dari keluarga kami.. join kami DISINI

 Credit to: Malaysia Defacer (

-- Edited by admin on Saturday 18th of February 2012 06:31:15 PM

No New Posts   Did the Muppets Boost Google+ Growth?

December 27, 2011

Kermit and his merry Muppets rocking to the beat with Google+ Hangouts (Source: YouTube)


If you aren't using Google+, perhaps the Muppets can persuade you to join the social network by Google. In a move to promote its social network, Google showcased the Muppets rocking out with Hangouts on Google+. While there is an element of fun involved, the ad also demonstrated how easy it is to conduct a video conference call using Hangouts.


According to statistician Paul Allen, Google+ is looking at 62 million users as of 27th December 2011. His team from elance has been running multiple queries on various surnames, which has been tracked since July 2011. The model was revised based on the announcements by Google when Larry Page revealed that more than 40 million users are on Google+ on 13th October 2011.

Allen noted that approximately 24.01% of Google+ users joined in the month of December, around the time when this particular Google+ ad with the Muppets was shown. While we are inclined to believe that these cute puppet characters have a positive effect on the Google+ growth, it's more probable that the ad, alongside a combination of the holiday season with people having more time to experiment on new technology, new Android users downloading the Google+ app and actively using it, or even positive word of mouth that contributed to the accelerated growth.

By Allen's forecast, Google+ might see nearly 85.2 million users by February 2012. Though the numbers might not be estimated through an exact science, its undeniable that as more users sign up, the network will grow stronger, as evident in the network effect.

One thing's for sure: the Muppets have a soft spot for Queen, seeing how they've also covered Bohemian Rhapsody in an earlier video.

Source: Paul Allen via All Things D

-- Edited by admin on Wednesday 28th of December 2011 12:23:32 PM

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No New Posts   Gigabyte Presents the PoweRock EX PSU Series

December 26, 2011

Gigabyte introduces the PoweRock EX series of PSUs.

PoweRock EX 500W (Source: Gigabyte)


Equipped with a 12cm cooling fan and providing over 78% efficiency, the PoweRock EX has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

The PoweRock EX series features the 500W, 450W, 400W, 350W, and 300W PSUs.

-- Edited by admin on Tuesday 27th of December 2011 04:54:01 AM

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No New Posts   Credit to MEGATDUAN - Concern Members

December 2, 2011

It's about "a large of amount" hour, i just stay "cold" from ITC Forum and just take  "a walk around" the ITC "town", ending wif "sweet dreams"... lolz..

About off my lil lazyness from being "admin-holic" guy, I just got a message from someone (i write up here) who concernly about some apps that may invite "alienated" from structuring an empire in here and maybe will make me being "conciousness" after the "disease" has started.









ITC Malaysia Forum

Would like to thanks to;



for his loyalty to all of ITC's Family overall


It's hereby that ITC Malaysia has officially

entitled him as

ITC - Security/Privacy Moderators

Mods Name: MD


-- Edited by admin on Saturday 3rd of December 2011 04:34:08 AM

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No New Posts   Credit to CALL ME IF YOU IN TROUBLE - Diligent Members

December 2, 2011

Really kinda "Posta-Holics" and active MODS one i've ever seen lately. Sort of useful tuff-stuff sharing in here, make ITC HQ really wanted him to keep constantly posting and commenting in sharing and thinking ethics that we want this forum to be.










ITC Malaysia Forum

Would like to thanks to;



for his diligently to all of ITC's Family overall


It's hereby that ITC Malaysia has officially

entitled him as

ITC - Internet Moderators

Mods Name: KA



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Last Post: Dec 3, 2011 by eddmint


No New Posts   Brother Launches MFC-9970CDW Color Laser All-in-One

November 27, 2011

Petaling JayaMalaysia – Brother International Malaysia has launched the MFC-9970CDW all-in-one color laser printer, which features a combination of speed, precision and efficiency – the essential tools for robust business environments.

Be it color or monochrome, Brother MFC-9970CDW boosts efficiency with its 28 ppm printing speed and optional 500-sheet lower tray on top of the standard 250-sheet paper tray


“This machine is packed with features for fast-paced businesses, both big and small as the powerful all-in-one machine not only performs beyond expectation, it improves productivity and reduces costs while being energy efficient,” said Yoshiaki Otsuka, Managing Director of Brother International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

In addition to its ability to print, fax, scan and copy, the MFC-9970CDW is also simple to manage and scales readily to support larger user groups for exceptional value in terms of total cost of ownership. Meanwhile, the 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder also makes multiple-page copying, scanning and faxing a breeze.

Lily Siow, Marketing Manager of Brother International Malaysia added that, “The MFC-9970CDW is able to fax documents online helping businesses reduce their phone bills significantly and cutting down the usage of paper. At the same time the MFC-9970CDW also allows sending and receiving of traditional hard copy faxes.”

Other Features:

Save Time – Flexible media options that enable users to print on a variety of document types, Straight Paper Path ensures special media can be printed perfectly.

Remote Troubleshooting – Web-Based Management and BRAdmin Professional allows users to troubleshoot printers and Multi-Function Centres without being physically near the machines.

Document Management – Offers a wide range of scanning options including scan to email server via Internet Fax, USB, custom scan profile, duplex, email, image, OCR, file, FTP and network.

Privacy – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption helps safeguard sensitive information, Brother's Secure Print feature only prints confidential documents upon PIN code validation.

Eco Friendly – Energy Star certified for low power consumption, operates at 1.8W in deep sleep mode to save on electricity bills.


Brother MFC-9970CDW retails for RM3,688 with three-year on-site warranty.

For more information, please visit

-- Edited by admin on Sunday 27th of November 2011 07:22:09 PM

No New Posts   More AMD Brazos Motherboards - ASUS and Sapphire Tested!

November 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Boards

After all the excitement surrounding new CPU platforms from both AMD (Fusion) and Intel (Sandy Bridge), the industry has settled down to churning out these new products. Intel had a slightly rough time due to a glitch in its Cougar Point chipsets (P67, H67), but the worst is over and revised Sandy Bridge motherboards have been making its way to the retail channels. With the next wave of new CPUs and motherboards not expected till the middle of the year, it gives us some time to catch up with the many boards that have made their way to our labs.

While there are plenty of choices when it comes to Intel based boards, new AMD boards are few and far in between. Not surprisingly, the ones we have seen are all based on AMD's Fusion initiative, using the Brazos platform which is targeted at the lower end of the market for both desktops and mobile. It's something that we have covered previously here, and we personally feel that this platform has definite advantages over its competition in certain scenarios and price points.

AMD is expected to expand further on its Fusion theme with newer Accelerated Processing Units or APUs, as AMD calls these new breed of processors. These upcoming Llano APUs are reported to hit the market in July and will be more powerful (and more expensive) than the entry level Brazos. Whether they will be able to compete effectively against Intel is up for debate but we have seen enough of Brazos to feel reasonably optimistic.

In any case, it's all speculation at this point in time. What we do have here today are two more Brazos motherboards. Each comes with a Zacate APU (E-350 running at 1.6GHz) embedded within, so all you need to do is to slap on some memory modules, some storage and you're good to go. Like the other Brazos so far, they are in smaller form factors than the standard ATX, but while the Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini E350 keeps to the mini-ITX size we are familiar with, ASUS has opted for a larger micro-ATX form factor for its E35M1-M PRO. You can compare their specs here.

The micro-ATX ASUS E35M1-M PRO looks like a normal ATX board next to the mini-ITX Sapphire.

-- Edited by admin on Sunday 27th of November 2011 07:28:35 PM

No New Posts   Google Kills Wave and Six Other Services

November 27, 2011

Google is dumping Wave, a live, shared space on the Web where people can collaborate and communicate. 


Launched by Google in 2009 and to be retired on 30 April 2012, Wave has performed below expectations. It is one of the seven services Google is axing in order to complete its "Spring cleaning".

Other services going offline permanently over the next few months include:

  • Google Bookmark Lists
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Google Gears
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Knol
  • RE<C (Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal)

Google suggests using a number of open source projects, like the Apache Wave and Walkaround, as replacements for the Google Wave.

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No New Posts   U.S. executes another round of Web site takedowns

November 27, 2011

As Cyber Monday draws near and debate continues about the Stop Online Piracy Act, the U.S. government has again seized a bevy of domain names it says belong to Web sites that deal in counterfeit goods.

Blog TorrentFreak ran a list of more than 130 domains it said were seized by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security's Immigrations and Customs Enforcement division as part of "Operation in Our Sites." TorrentFreak called the move the largest such round of seizures to date.


The notice that appears when Web users access a seized domain.

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